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Registration process:
In this section, we want to show you exactly how get your reward from us when you join our affilate program. You will see how easy it is even without any other information from you.

When you want to join our affilate program, you need to send us a transaction of any value in BTC to our registration address: 35vMQZE2rnvSnHuwBRrWDi6pM96KbWHW3Q. Also, you need to add an OP_RETURN parameter to the transaction. The text you enter by using this parameter will serve us as an identification information for us. There are two variants you can use to registrate: OP_RETURN (“AFFILATE CODE“) or its hashed form (SHA256(“AFFILATE CODE“)). When you are already registrated, it is viewable on blockchain. When we enter our address 35vMQZE2rnvSnHuwBRrWDi6pM96KbWHW3Q to the blockchain browser, we can easily see every payment we have ever received. Also, we can see your address together with the “AFFILATE CODE“ you sent us.

Once you have your first customer, he disposes with a code you shared with him. In our order system, we ask our customers to enter a discount code, when order is ready to send. The code he uses will be assigned to his payment for Bunkeroid. Subsequently, we check on blockchain which address entered the code he used. Finally, we calculate an exact amount (10 % of customer’s payment amout) and send it to this address.

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