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'NoDataStored - system ID' is our innovative way of handling your private information. We value the security and privacy of our customers highly, that is why we use our innovative way of ordering. Each time you share your personal information on a web server, any authority or hacker is able to access it. We only accept payments in Bitcoin, which is another way of keeping your personal information secret. Text engraved on the bottom of Bunkeroid serves as a complex notation system with no need to store any data, furthermore it serves as a receipt and a warranty for customer.


In section 'ORDER BUNKEROID‘ you create your very own unique locker, which consists of a body, a cover of both sides and pins. Bunkeroid has 25 places for any type of word, letter or sign of your key. Even if we can not know in what order you use the chosen signs, for your bigger security, we offer you to select 60 signs,
so even if we tried hard to decipher your key, it would take us thousands of years of constant trying to do so. Easy combinatorics. For communication, we only use
a verified mail server, where all information is encrypted in case of any authority
or hacker attack. So when you create your bunkeroid, we will contact you for additional information by e-mail. This way no information about you can be found on any web server, furthermore, when the order is finished and sent, we discard all information about you. When Bunkeroid is produced, and you are fully satisfied
(we will send you photos for confirmation, so that you can see if you like it),
and only then we generate a bitcoin address. When the transaction is confirmed, we use the TXID of your transaction to create a  'NoDataStored - system ID' number. We use the 'HMAC' function to create a code, an encrypted text, which
is created from the text of your payment combined with our secret password.
This HMAC is subsequently engraved on the Bunkeroid. This code gives us
an indication, that you are our customer without even knowing who you are
or where you are from. Thanks to the 'NoDataStored - system ID' we can easily identify you.

NoDataStored - system ID